I’m Fine. How are You?

“I’m Fine. How are You?” is an oil painting done on a 36″x 36″ canvas, based on a photo I did of myself for a calendar poster called, “Premenstrual Syndrome”.  (That’s another story we will save for later.)

The Ten Women in Art, a group of which I was a member, was asked to do an exhibit for the auditorium area at the newly completed government center in Viera, located in Brevard county, Florida.  I choose this painting because I thought it would be a humorous one to hang in a building where tough decisions are made.

A few days after we put up the exhibit, a member learned that my art had been removed and put in an office upstairs.  I wasn’t bothered too much by that, but my group reacted by removing the entire exhibit.  Yes, I did appreciate their support, but I felt bad about it all.  Apparently, the county commissioners did not appreciate my brand of humor.  When I went to pick up my painting, the women in the office said, “No, don’t take it!  We love it.”

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