Art Museum Installation by Grace Leal and Nancy Seib The Brevard Art Museum invited my friend, Grace, and me to do a collaborative installation.   We were excited about it and brain-stormed for weeks, but there seemed to be no merging of minds.  We finally came to the conclusion that we were two (too) strong artistsContinue reading “In-Closures”

Red Mountain

Our son once took a trip to Australia.  He brought back many photos, including one of Ayers Rock.  Mark had moved into a new house in Atlanta and his mother thought that he needed a large painting to “improve” his decor. I decided to paint a red mountain based on the idea inspired by thatContinue reading “Red Mountain”

Mica Mountain

When I was visiting with childhood friends, Mary and Milam, in my home state of Alabama, I mentioned I mentioned a photographic collage technique using mica.  Milam, Mary’s husband, said that he had lots of mica on his property, and then he left the room while Mary and I reminisced. After a while he returnedContinue reading “Mica Mountain”

The Search for Resolution

They say that artists must suffer.  This painting is evidence of that.  I will share with you the various experimental stages it went through in its “Search for Resolution”.  It started its life as an abstraction.  (I don’t have photos of the first two stages.)  But, it seemed that all this “light from the heavensContinue reading “The Search for Resolution”


Many artists depend on the “magic to happen” when they work, but I have always let my conscious mind get into the act, way too early.  I often start with a pre-conceived idea and then I try to find a way to work toward that idea.  This often leads to something closer to an illustrationContinue reading “UNIVERSE of the MIND”

House of Memories

For those of us who do assemblage, going to estate sales always brings a sense of anticipation.  Seeing the past through another’s eyes and memories, when viewing old photo albums, mysterious messages on faded postcards, vintage clothing, crystal goblets, hand embroidered cloths, antique trunks and numerous expected and unexpected things.  Everything held memories for thatContinue reading “House of Memories”


Well, you want them to think for themselves, don’t you? Well, don’t you?  Not really.  You want them to take your valuable advice and not drive you crazy.  I have wonderful children.  They made it out of those years alive and well and I love them dearly.  But, really, those were difficult times! All ofContinue reading “Teenagers”

America, America

I am proud to be an American and I acknowledge all the good that America has stood for over the centuries.  However, being an American, also gives me the right to find fault where there is fault.  No one is perfect.  Neither is a country.  Is this an ugly painting, or is it our statueContinue reading “America, America”

Ken and Barbie

This large painting began as a rather cartoonish depiction of the Ken and Barbie dolls.  When our children were young, I thought about the toys that were available and what kind of message they were sending.  I wasn’t happy with how the painting was going, so one night, I made the decision to “attack” itContinue reading “Ken and Barbie”


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