Rabbit Emotions

Rabbit Rage

Are you ready to see more Rabbit Art?  I looked over my collection and decided that some of them are very appropriate to the times.  RABBIT RAGE isn’t a very nice painting, but it may convey some of what I feel about the man who has been furiously tweeting from the white house for the last four years.  Or, is this the rage of a man who has lost the election?  We have voted, and there is a new President Elect.  The Tweeter will not concede.  He draws no example from either party of other close elections.  He shows none of the politeness and courtesy given by losing sides of the past.  He still has the remaining days of his administration to create chaos and division.

Rabbits with Worries

The next artwork is an assemblage of toys which shows two frightened rabbits peering out into the world and wondering what the future may bring.  Our United States is no longer united, leaders are elected who question science and facts, and a deadly virus threatens our very lives.

Rabbit in Rocker

Finally, I show a photographic work.  I placed the soft stuffed rabbit, in a slumped over position, all alone, in the rocking chair.  Using Photoshop, I manipulated the image, solarizing, and changing it to a somewhat monochromatic, darker tone. 

I guess I don’t have to explain that feeling to anyone.

2 thoughts on “Rabbit Emotions

  1. The first rabbit looks very angry., not what I think of in a rabbit. But many of us feel that way, just don’t show it in our faces. Marg I feel like the worried rabbit.


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