Water and Stone

Water and Stone
Water and Stone						 
The digital images from a state far away
Shot by lovely daughter
How they spent their day

A sunny place			
Filled with rocks and stream
Large rounded stones
Smoothed by time
And water

Slender trees
Exert their will to live
And far away
Grey mountains
Sit silent, and still

If I were young once more
I might dare to jump
From slippery stone, to another
Hear my grandmother's warning
And then,       

Jump again							

	     						Nancy Seib
							October 2022 	                                                

3 thoughts on “Water and Stone

  1. This painting/collage turned out really well, Nancy. Hope you do more. I also enjoyed reading your poem. So multi-talented!




  2. Dear Nancy, I wish that I were there. I’m glad that your granddaughter shared this lovely place with you and inspired your painting and your poem. Thanks for sharing it with me. Lucy



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