Scattering his Ashes at Sea

My companion of fifty-six years
Once the handsome stranger
Who took my breath away
Me, the girl in pink lipstick
Luring him for a second family

The engineer, leaving home early; til late
Wearing headset, as rockets slowly lifted;
Suddenly pluming, orange and yellow flames
Rattling windows
Streaking paths to distant points, dark in space

His other love:
Speeding boat; Ocean at sunrise
Pounding waves for the Eight-A reef
Smelly fish clothes in the wash
Plexi boards, fillet knives, sharp

Music booming
Beethoven and Bach
Another Asimov to read
My own Scientific American
Teaching this artist, about nature and life

Shouts and fighting, we had our share
My expectations not fulfilled
He was his genes
And old age showed 
The value of our Blended Souls

Lovely children, standing here
On rocking boat, to say Good-bye
Winds take his ashes
To other stars
And to this sea, which he loved

Nancy Seib
March 28, 2022

Nancy and Don, 1965

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