The Pool of Time

(early experiments with my photography using Photoshop)

Girl in Hallway

There is a rerun on Netflix of an old television series called “Friday Night Lights” about football games played in a small town; the dramas around the coach, his family, high school teenagers, and others in the community.  It seems so familiar to the way I grew up.  I wrote this “poem” when I couldn’t sleep last night.

The Pool of Time

Watching "Friday Night Lights"
And thinking about Time

The sixteen-year old
I once was

All about Hormones
And conflicts felt
Christian faith
Parent's admonitions

Another Nancy in that pool of Time
Only thoughts of cheering his game
Going to college
Passionate Flesh

Another Girl
Another time
Never the same
Now is Now 

            Nancy Strange Seib
            August, 2021
Girl in a Crowd

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