The Kodak Contests

The weekly Kodak contests in the newspaper were an exciting challenge for me, and for my new friend, Marg.  We decided to take the photography classes offered at the community college where I was an instructor in art.  She was in one of my classes in art when we developed a friendship and discovered our mutual interest in becoming better photographers. 

This photo is from the newspaper with our big wins. (I am on the left and Marg is on the right.)  My children became favorite subjects and, after a while, began to run away when Mother started to aim a camera in their direction.  The photo of our daughter, Hope, was selected for the cover of the weekly magazine and is also in the close-up image where she and her “Oma” gaze into each other’s eyes.  The third photo is of our son, Mark, holding a candle.  To my great pleasure, it won an honorable mention in the national Kodak contest.  Unfortunately, this one of Mark is from the newspaper copy.   I am sorry I don’t have the negatives now.  Perhaps they are buried in a box, in a closet of our home.

4 thoughts on “The Kodak Contests

  1. This is so cool! It’s important to share your story. We all have one, but nobody knows what it is. Keep sharing! Becky


  2. Great story great pictures. I think one of the oragionals of Mark with the candle were in Grandmothers pictures.


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