Many artists depend on the “magic to happen” when they work, but I have always let my conscious mind get into the act, way too early.  I often start with a pre-conceived idea and then I try to find a way to work toward that idea.  This often leads to something closer to an illustration or an artwork that stops too soon.  Although, as an instructor, I was known to say things like, “A good artist knows when to quit”, or, “Don’t fall in love with that” (and be afraid to change it).  Probably, the best way to work is some combination of conscious thought and unconscious thought.  The truth is, that every artist is unique and must find the best balance of mind set for themselves.

For this work, I am not sure what I want to say.  I call it the “Universe of the Mind” because it is my own mind I am attempting to explore, in a subconscious way.  I did not have any intellectual original concept, and I allowed the piece to find its own way, as I choose collage images (Some are from my own photos taken at a playground, and one from a Victorian doll).  The three dimensional items include various components from the closet where my electrical engineer husband stores things (Sorry, Hon).  I worked on this piece a long time, and I do like it, but I am not sure what it is all about.

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