This photo was taken at Arrowmont, the arts and crafts school I mentioned earlier.  I envisioned the image as a multiple, with the last photo of the grid being the empty rocker.  I wanted to frame it in an old window.  The trouble was I did not have an old window, which I mentioned to my friend, Marg.  She said that she had one that I could have.  And, it was absolutely perfect!  Then I had to have prints that fit the panes.  So I rented the photo lab at the art museum school for a few hours, made the prints, adding sepia toning for the look I wanted, and created this piece called “Windows”.  (Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?)  Well, there was one little problem.  Cats had “marked” the window frame as their own, and the odor was strong.  I bought a can of deodorant for cat boxes and sprayed it generously.  When the artwork was chosen for a purchase award at the Brevard Museum of Arts and Science, I kept worrying that some faint odor might linger.  (I know I shouldn’t tell this story but I never have been very diplomatic.)

Our museum is now called The Foosaner and is about to close, to the great dismay of our art community.  We are all worried about what is going to happen to the permanent collection, not for my small piece, but for the many wonderful artworks collected over the years, by both local and very well-known artists.


I used the same photograph to make this clock.  I am so proud of myself for actually making this clock, which also works, when the batteries are new.  I bought the clock parts at a craft store and made it all by myself.  Yes, I can! (Did)

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