Other Windows

After posting the last blog called “Windows”, I started noticing how many of my art works included windows.  This painting of clouds includes a photo I took of my feet (my best feature, by the way).  I framed them in a window which I placed in a cloud.

My husband’s daughter, Barbara, wants me to include this photo I took of her dad looking out the window.  Even in his old age, he is still handsome.  Donald was an engineer who worked for the air force as a part of the Titan launch operations.  They honored him with his name, Seib, on a patch for the  IVB-39 launch.  At work, he was fondly referred to as “Seibasaurus.”  He always introduced himself as a “rocket scientist.”

3 thoughts on “Other Windows

  1. Yes Don has always been handsome and smart and athletic..didn’t he run every day at work?
    Neat about being recognized on the patch. Mike’s name is at the astronaut’s memorial at Nasa! While he was helping with the lunar module I was playing tennis


  2. You do have beautiful feet, but not sure that is your best feature. I love both o these. I have seen the one of Uncle Don before, which captures him perfectly. You are so talented. My muse.


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