The Wednesday Group

Admit One

The Wednesday Group began informally in the early 80’s when Donne Bitner and Loretta Schnitzius invited other artists to have lunch together.   The group grew over time to become a very informal organization of roughly 20 women artists. In the beginning we called ourselves The Beach Girls. It was an opportunity to discuss one’s art, but it was also a friendship group, where all aspects of our lives were shared with each other.  We met for a while in restaurants, but then moved to Donne’s studio, which was in a room of the Freedom 7 Elementary School in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  

Currently, we meet twice monthly at various county libraries.  Over the years, we have gone on trips together to New York City, Santé Fe, Mexico, and Arrowmont School of Arts in Tennessee.  We have met in each other’s homes for memorable Christmas parties and even for Halloween, wearing costumes that only artists can dream up.   We have had workshops together as well as group shows.  Two titles which I recall were:  “Chaos, Let’s Face It!” and “Where Am I?”.  The group has always remained fluid, members coming and going as life demanded, but, most of all, we have been, and still are, a group of good friends.

This little artwork was created when my friend, Nellie, led a workshop for the group using cigar boxes.  As a result, I have done other pieces using a cigar box for the enclosure.  My collection of boxes has grown extensively and extremely excessive.

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Group

  1. Love it! Great photo too. This is a wonderful project, I’m so glad you are doing this. Barby is wonderful helping you. Marg


    1. As always, I thank you for your kind comments and I enjoyed all our back and forth about the group. Writing a blog is a good project to do and I am lucky to have all the help from Barby.


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