Cigar Box Assemblages

There’s something about a box.  My grandmother from Mississippi loved to send packages.  It was so exciting to open it and see what she had sewn for me and my sister.  I remember matching outfits in yellow for Easter.  She even made hats for us from the parachute her son had used in World War II. Sometimes the boxes were bulging with other things, like home-made fig preserves and one time she included fresh spinach.

I digress.  What I am trying to say is that I find boxes, such as small cigar boxes, exciting.  One of my usual activities which I miss, because of our current pandemic, is going to estate sales.  I have collected entirely too many cigar boxes to use in my life time.  However, I will share two of them with you.  I call one of them “ME” and the other is “House with Window Light.”

3 thoughts on “Cigar Box Assemblages

  1. Thanks for sharing, Nancy. I always look forward to seeing what you are going to tell us next. My Daddy was the manager of a cigar packing house. He also used to bring home cigar boxes. I miss not having any around because they come in so handy for storing things. I also remember when I was in the 2nd grade, Daddy made a cigar box ukulele for me to us in a play that I was in. I kept that for a long time. No telling what happened to it…???Thanks for the memories.Nancy


  2. As your little sister, I too remember the packages from Grandmother. I can picture the beautiful hats made from the parachute. I too, like boxes and have lots but not cigar boxes. I like your art with these boxes as so much of your art blesses my life each day as so do you..


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